One-Way EDSA and Bus System
Welcome to my new blog. I stayed at home for two months and I found myself to have time to create this blog for you or for those who wish to find solutions to our social – economic and cultural problems thru science and engineering.. For many decades social environment and physical infrastructure dictates how we live. Whenever calamities come across our Country the social – economic and cultural life are affected and immediately physical infrastructure takes the role as a solution thru science and engineering. When traffic congestion brings hardship to commuters resulting to economic calamity that cost Metro Manila three billion pesos a day, physical infrastructure take over to change our normal norm by having many different bus routes available to transport commuters to their destination. Today’s calamity brought about by COVID-19 will change how we live and travel. Just recently LTFRB has announce to rationalize bus routes and will allow only one bus route in EDSA. (Watch You Tube :@ANC One-Way EDSA Traffic)

Bus Transport? Bend The Curve Then Flatten It
Today we are allowed to work. However,. no public transportation system is available. Workers are now in a dilemma on this problem.This decision of the government is understandable because the authorities fear a “second wave” of COVID-19 that could overwhelm our public health system. The question is, in the absence of vaccine today, is our public health system ready to to handle a “second wave”? Or are we ready to this “new way of living” under fear of COVID-19 infection? After monitoring and analyzing the statistical data of the pandemic COVID-19 during my ‘lockdown’ days, I conclude that the Philippine should have a very very strong and efficient state of the art public health system. The closes model we should follow is Taiwan (Republic of China) whose public health system is one of the world’s best. With 440 infection of COVID-19 and 7 deaths. My blog would explain that the Philippines should have 600 to 1000 persons recovered per day to fight COD-19 in order “bend the curve” and to be one of the world’s top countries having a state-of-the-art public health system.
Rationalize Bus Routes. One Bus Route For EDSA
The government thru the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has decided to rationalize ‘bus routes” and make EDSA a single ‘bus route’. This decision of the government is a big step towards solving the traffic congestion in Metro Manila. I have been advocating this for the last four years. (Watch You Tube @ANC One-Way EDSA Traffic). However it is easier said than done because it will require science and engineering to implement the bus transportation system. I knew that the government will need help to ‘rationalize’ the bus system. Last year, I bought a top internationally known software that will create a master network for Metro Manila. The purpose is to formulate a traffic model for Metro Manila that will be the basis of decision-making on identifying and simulating bus routes. I have started the modelling and should have finished last April but due to this pandemic situation I temporarily stop. The reason for this is I have to use a drone to take a video of all intersections in EDSA and other possible bus routes. I am using also a computer-aided design file as my reference. I could finish the modelling with 90 days or less. [ This will be my next blog ]

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